Size Specifications:‎

Length: 348mm‎

Width: 230mm

Height: 115mm

Wheelbase: 250mm

Wheelspan: 170mm

Diameter of tire: 76mm

Width of Front wheel: 30mm

Width of Rear wheel:  36mm‎

Car Configuration:‎

Remote control and signal receiving are realized through two configurations (Radio and 2.4G)‎

Full scale remote control

390 motor‎

Lithium ion battery (7.4, 1500MA)‎

Engineering plastics are adopted to make the whole car

four-wheeled independent suspension

Rubber tires (Good for all terrain: Desert, Grass, concrete, marble etc.) ‎

Driving method: Two-wheeled driven

Rear-wheeled differential gear

Metal receiving cup

The shell is made of membrane anti-explosion PVC

Vehicle Performance: ‎

Suitable to operate on flat ground, over gravels or on grass field.‎

Can be continuously operated for 10 min or above

Configurations can be upgraded

سيارة لاسلكي l959 pro

  • النوع : العاب وترفيه
  • حالة التوفر : متوفر
  • S.R 250

  • السعر بدون ضريبة : S.R 250

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